About this course

There's a reason why India's most ambitious folks come to Stoa to grow a business brain. The intense workshops, thriving community and energizing environment leaves them with confidence to take on the new world. Stoa is a way of life. One which helps you conquer yourself and build clarity on your future. One which teaches you how to create value for yourself and for others, through business. At Stoa, you engage with experienced founders and startup veterans who help you cut through the jargon and look at reality with clear eyes. Because it is only when you see reality for what it is that you can mould it to what you want it to be. Our mentors will help you avoid making expensive mistakes. Our coaches will help you build systems and gain clarity around your goals. And our community will help you build the 360° perspective, self-awareness, and confidence you need to carve your place in the world.

What you'll learn

  • Master business fundamentals needed for bagging high-impact leadership roles and developing a 360° picture of reality

  • Learn skills and tools that add to your core competency and wear multiple hats at work with 100+ workshops

  • Get psychologically prepped for that career transition you're looking for with ICF-certified 1:1 professional coaching

  • Be part of the Stoa Community of CXOs and founders who will help you connect with great people and opportunities


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