About this course

Modern jobs in tech are new and constantly evolving. Only a few companies can invest in proper onboarding and training processes to get their hires ready. Most new employees have to rely on self-learning ... Training yourself by reading a 100 articles is great … in theory, but self-learning sucks. We custom made an intense 4-week course that will help you develop the skills you will actually need OnThatJob. A structured introduction to your role We’ve already gobbled all those articles and videos and podcasts that give you FOMO so you don’t have to. Replace FOMO with JOMO as we give you distilled learnings, the broadly applicable frameworks, and selective content Rockstar mentors with “just right’’ levels of experience No CXOs spewing platitudes. No rookies giving fake gyaan. Our mentors are folks who just a few steps ahead of you. A passionate community to learn from Our cohort size is intentionally small to facilitate interaction amongst peers and maximize interactions with mentors We also personally look at the applications & make sure you are amongst the right set of people to maximize your gain.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the PM role and how it varies across companies

  • Find real problems - Discovery and validate customer problems

  • Writing PRDs, creating project plans, navigating stakeholders and more

  • Manage your own career - Evaluate your skills, pick projects/companies to improve your value & manage your brand


On That Job

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